General Information

Internationality is our requirement for the Master of Laws. This is why we offer you an online program that can be accessed worldwide at any time with an international course group, and will lead to the Master of Laws (LL.M.) in 16 months. We guarantee you maximum flexibility in terms of time, geographical considerations and finance with effective support provided by our experienced professors and qualified employees. The program is aimed at lawyers from all over the world with at least a first state law examination (or comparable international degree).

This course of studies is accredited by FIBAA and qualifies the student to go on to study for a doctorate.


Your added benefits:

  • State-approved Master of Laws (LL.M.) from Steinbeis University Berlin
  • Additional MBA option
  • Content and support provided by recognized professors and practitioners
  • Multinational groups promote the development of international networks and create valuable insights thanks to interactive comparison of laws
  • International further training to promote career opportunities

We would be happy to advise you individually about the LL.M. program (online).



  • The study duration is 16 months.
  • You graduate with a Master of Laws (LL.M.).
  • The seminars take place in English.
  • 100% online, study independent of time and place.
  • Next start date is May 20th 2019. Application deadline May 6th 2019.
  • We are offering the ‘Early Bird’ package with a 10% discount on tuition fees until Early Bird Deadline April 15st 2019.

In our online study programs, you will also study with other participants in a cohesive course group. As part of the three-month modules, there are texts to read, tasks to work on and presentations, as well as movies to watch, and much more.

Via the SIBE online platform, you can regularly exchange information with your fellow students and the lecturer who supervises the relevant module. There you can ask your questions and be assigned questions and tasks to work on by the lecturer responsible for the module in question, just like in an attendance seminar.

You prepare the performance record associated with a module for your individual law project.

  • Business & Legal English, International Contract Law, CISG, EU Law, WTO
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Examination: 1 Paper, 1 written test (online)
  • Commercial Law, Corporate Law, M&A, Compliance
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Examination: 1 Paper, 1 written test (online)
  • Public Economic Law, Competition Law, IP, Capital Market, Tax Law, Labor Law, etc.
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Examination: 1 Paper, 1 written test (online)
  • Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation, Competences & Legal Process Management
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Examination: 1 Paper, 1 written test (online)
Your Project

Each performance record is a milestone in the implementation of your project and helps to develop your competencies further.

Milestone: your individual management project

Your law project at SIBE
As part of the LL.M. program organized by SIBE, you will work on a law project of your choice for the duration of your studies. The objective is to create an optimal transfer of knowledge from your studies to your professional environment and thus to make the LL.M. program as practice-relevant as possible.

In consultation with our lecturers and supervisors, you choose your personal special topic from one of the following four main topics:

  • International Contract Law, EU, WTO
  • International Commercial, Competition and Corporate Law (incl. Transnational M&A)
  • Special fields of law (Insolvency, Labor, Capital Markets, Tax, etc.)
  • International Civil Procedure incl. Arbitration + Mediation, International Jurisdiction

Under the guidance of professors and experienced teachers at SIBE and in exchange with your fellow students, you implement the project independently. You document the results of this work within the framework of the three project studies (PSP, 20 pages each), which in turn form the basis of your Master’s thesis. SIBE offers the possibility to summarize and publish the best results of the Master’s theses in SIBE`s publication series on International Business Law as an article under your name.

Our Partners

Within the framework of our LL.M. program, we work with various renowned law firms and companies. If you are interested in one of our cooperation partners, please contact us! We will also be pleased to help you find an interesting position.

Our Partners


During your studies, you write:

  • 3 Project Study Papers (PSP) (approx. 20 pages)
  • 1 Transfer Paper (TP) (approx. 10 pages)
  • 4 written performance records (online tests)
  • 1 Master’s thesis (approx. 60-80 pages)

Online library:
You also receive free access to the EBSCO and wiso online libraries.

Master of Laws (LL.M.) 
Receipt of 60 credit points in accordance with ECTS

Licensed by the federal government:
The title is licensed by the state.

In addition to the LL.M., you also have the opportunity to earn an MBA. This is awarded in cooperation with our partner university Universidade Católica de Santos/Santos in Brazil.

  • Exclusive offer for our Master’s degree candidates*
  • Online course from SIBE + 3-week program in Brazil
  • Additional costs: 3,800 euros plus travel expenses

*Minimum number of participants required

Admission Criteria

What are the admission requirements?

  • First degree in law or with a major in law (degree from a university, university of applied science, BA or “dual system degree” or comparable degree from another German or foreign institution of higher education)
  • Good to very good English language skills, demonstrated by passing a standardized English test beforehand.
  • Successful completion of the selection process at SIBE, part of Steinbeis University

Your application should include:

  • Signed CV with photo
  • Certificate of higher education entrance qualification (high-school diploma, technical higher education entrance certificate, etc.)
  • Certificate of study (examination certificate, Bachelor’s certificate incl. overview of grades from which the workload is derived, etc.)
  • Copy of identity card
  • If available: English certificate(s) or proof of a study visit to an English-speaking country

Please use the application form to apply. You can apply to us at any time.

You will receive a reply regarding possible admission within a few working days.

Costs & Financing

The total cost of the program amounts to € 9,800.
To facilitate financing, we offer payment in 16 monthly instalments of € 612.50 each.

Tuition fees include:

  • Coaching and supervision by SIBE lecturers and professors
  • Supervision by SIBE administrative employees
  • Supervision by SIBE lecturers and professors
  • Provision of teaching material (texts, web-based training courses, supervised discussion forums, online tests, International Business Law Handbook, and much more)
  • Use of online campus
  • Access to the SIBE online libraries

You can claim the (study) fees as income-related expenses for tax purposes and – depending on your income – achieve a tax saving. A tax consultant can provide you with further information. You can use the wage and income tax calculator of the German Federal Ministry of Finance at to check for possible tax reductions.

SIBE offers its LL.M. applicants an early booking discount of 10% on the regular tuition fees, which applies if they register early (usually at least five weeks before the respective starting date). In this case, the tuition fees amount to € 8,820 (payable in 16 monthly instalments of € 551.25 each).

We recommend the German Foundation Index

Furthermore, there are also other ways to find out about funding opportunities:

KfW Bank educational loan
German Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG) loan
Deutsche Bildung student financing


Dr. Eva Feldbaum, Director SIBE Law School
Attorney at Law, Business Lawyer (Univ. Bayreuth), Mediator (CVM)
Tel.: +49 (0) 911- 24 27 77 – 77

Ms. Ekaterina Cardone, Academic Success Counselor LL.M. & Associate Head of Program Management LL.M.
Graduate lawyer (Univ.)
Mobile: +49 152 0158 48 97