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Student Experiences

16. August 2018
"Strive to improve."
Conversation with SIBE-student Gabriel Miranda Fares – affiliated company: SIBE GmbH – Study progamme: M.A./MBA (USA) »
9. Februar 2018
"SIBE´s M.A./MBA(USA) program is a great alternative to usual full-time MBA programs!"
Conversation with SIBE-student Christoph Bechtel – Study progamme: M.A./MBA (USA) »
2. Februar 2018
"Fulfill both of my interests at the same time!"
Conversation with SIBE-student Katharina Wieland – affiliated company: Merz North America, Inc. Study progamme: M.A./MBA (USA) »
19. Januar 2018
"The LL.M. International Business Law program exceeded all my expectations."
Feedback from SIBE alumna Angela Arnold - program: LL.M. in International Business Law (online) »
17. Januar 2018
"Added value that benefits me as a career starter!"
SIBE-student Jan Alexander Linxweiler talks about his experience during the studies at SIBE, Program: M.A./MBA (USA) »
1. Dezember 2017
"My degree at SIBE guaranteed a very solid foundation to be successful!"
Conversation with SIBE-alumnus Michael Badillo Ayala – affiliated company: Deutsche Telekom AG. Study progamme: M.A. in General Management / MBA (BR) »
28. Oktober 2017
"Great support & availability."
Alumnus Edouard Bafima Hebie about his experience at SIBE, Program: LL.M. International Business Law (Online) »
29. August 2017
"Teaching online is a different ball game all together compared to teaching in a classroom."
Lecturers talking: Prof. Dr. Rajesh Panda as a member of our adjunct faculty at SIBE »