We all do already know: change is „the new normal“. Since a long time, an educational career is not completed with studies or a degree. Instead, we are allowed to constantly develop ourselves and engage in new experiences. We have built up a diverse range of offers for you, your managers and employees, in order to support them in the best way possible.

Your need is our ambition: Customized Corporate Trainings for your company

In our experience, every company is different and we respond to this. We start by identifying your specific needs and then propose a customized training design. We will discuss together if this works out for you whether in the form of a digital academy, a certificate course or in the form of seminars. We also advise you on the selection and composition of possible training modules and relevant content. We will set up company-specific training courses for you: whether online or on the ground, synchronous or asynchronous, with or without a company partner – we will also work out further trainings options if you wish. Therefore, we look forward to hearing from you so that we can prepare an individual offer.

This is what makes our Corporate Trainings so special
  • Not only theory, but transfer into practice: Our experts will show you the latest developments and trends in research and the business world.
  • Doers are leaders at the same time: We place great value on personality development, with the active learning process being the focus of the training (theory acquisition, transfer to reality and reflection). Only those who learn and apply their own knowledge can add value to the company.
  • Certificate: Depending on the training design and your objectives, we decide together with you whether the training will be completed with a certificate or your young academics can have the credit points achieved credited to one of our courses.
  • Performance: Direct return on education through verifiable results and direct implementation of the training content in practice.
Successfully implemented modular training programs

SIBE has many years of experience in the implementation of a wide range of national and international modular training programs, e.g:

  • European Funding Application for Research and Innovation Projects in Kooperation mit dem Steinbeis Europa Zentrum
  • Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship in an International Context, Faculdades da Indústria, Brasilien
  • Web Based Training in General Management Tools, IEL Paraná, Brasilien
  • Technology Transfer Program, Jiangsu (Steinbeis China), China
  • TÜV Nord Digital Academy
  • TMG Digitalization Manager
  • Deutsche Messe Technology Academy


Benefit from our experience – expand your skills in our training courses and develop convincing implementation strategies, e.g. in the areas of future foresight or digital engineering.

Selection of possible training contents: "Digital Leadership" as a modular corporate training

Digitization has long since become an integral part of everyday life and thus also of the business world. We support you and your employees in becoming digital experts through our training programs, which are customized to your company’s needs. Because the success of digital transformation does not depend on the use of digital technologies. What matters is how we rethink the world with these tools. With the help of our digital experts, our corporate training courses in the field of digital business therefore focus on you as a doer. We enable you and your managers to actively shape the digital transformation – organizationally, methodically and culturally.

In order to give you an impression of a modularly structured training, you will find below some modules from our master program „Digital Leadership“*. These modules support you in achieving the following objectives:

  • Prepare young academics, specialists and managers for the digital change!
  • Provide them with the right tools so that they can face the ever more rapidly changing challenges of digitalization in their professional practice with greater strength!
  • Invest in the continuing education of your employees so that you can continue to actively shape developments in an increasingly digitized world in the future!


Module No. Designation Content
Module 1 Basics 1 – Leadership in a Digital World 1.1 Digital Transformation

1.2 Foresight & Innovation Management

1.3 (Agile) Methods of Project Planning and Management

Module 2 Basics 2 – Quantitative and Qualitative Methods for Leadership in a Digital World 2.1 Foundations of Empirical Social Research

2.2 Methods of Qualitative and Quantitative Research

2.3 Exercises of Scientific Work

Module 3 Marketing and Market Research for Leadership in a Digital World 3.1 Market Research

3.2 Competition and Cooperation Analyses

3.3 Business Model Innovation

Module 4 Applied Programming and Software Technology 4.1 Software Technology

4.2 Programming Fundamentals

4.3 Applied Programming

Module 5 Digitalization Application and Use Cases 5.1 Internet of Things, Open Platform Communications & Sensors

5.2 Additive Manufacturing (3D/4D Printing)

5.3 Virtual Design & Testing

5.4 Augmented Reality

5.5 Industry 4.0

5.6 Project Curriculum 2

5.6 Project Loop 2 – Presentation MPP

Module 6 Objectives & Strategy for Leadership in a Digital World 6.1 Business Objectives

6.2 Strategic Management

6.3 Change Management

6.4 Future of Work and Organization

6.5 Project Curriculum 3

6.6 Project Loop 3 – Presentation MPP

Module 7 Applied Data Structure and Organization 7.1 Data Structure Fundamentals

7.2 Data Organization, Knowledge Management

7.3 Applied Data Engineering

Module 8 Data Processes, Data Evaluation and Artificial Intelligence 8.1 Artificial Intelligence

8.2 Intelligent Data Processes

8.3 Digital Loop 2 – MPP

Module 9 Data Networks, Data Security 9.1 Data Networks

9.2 Data Security

Module 10 Personal Development – Leadership, Personality & Competencies 1 10.1 Personality

10.2 Development of Competencies, Performance and Personality 1

10.3 Development of Competencies, Performance and Personality 2

Module 11 Personal Development – Leadership, Personality & Competencies 2 11.1 Designing Competitive Organizations

11.2 Organizational Behavior

11.3 Power and Influence

11.4 Leading Organizations and Teams

11.5 The (Moral) Leader

11.6 Development of Competencies, Performance and Personality 3

11.7 MPP: Competency, Performance and Personality Development Plan

* is currently in the approval process