As Graduate School for Leadership & Management, the School of International Business and Entrepreneurship (SIBE) has always operated in the area of tension between science and practice. Take advantage of SIBE’s expertise and commission research projects that provide relevant contributions to your business practice.  Alternatively, SIBE accompanies your innovation projects during implementation – in this way you benefit from the scientifically sound approach and the empowerment of your own project team.

Innovation Projects: Systematic approach to innovation success!

Innovations are the best answer to change. Therefore, institutions and organizations from business, politics and society are challenged more than ever to turn new ideas into reality. We accompany you from your idea to its successful implementation, applying our years of experience gained in the successful realization of more than 5,000 projects.

In doing so, we continuously accompany your innovation team during the project development based on scientific standards and support the project progress systematically and methodically. By accessing our national and international network in science and practice, you can gain impulses for your own project realization. If required, you have the possibility to deepen specific questions with exclusively selected  persons from more than 7,000 international experts.

Since the success of a project depends not only on a new idea, but significantly on the people who transfer it into reality in a value-creating way, we also focus on the personal development of your project team and stimulate it with targeted measures. In this way, you can ensure the further development of your institution or organization from inside and position yourself sustainably. Furthermore, you have the option of recruiting suitable leaders for your innovation project through our direct access to the campus. If you are looking for the ideal candidates to implement your project, please contact us or take a look at our current and cost-free talent catalog.


Your added values at a glance

  • Systematic and holistic project support by SIBE based on scientific standards
  • Optional support by (inter-)national experts; dedicated knowledge transfer to your company
  • Empowerment of project team members for the realization of innovation projects; sustainable development of the institution or organization from inside out
  • Optional access to suitable talents via our campus

Successfully realized project examples

Scientific Projects: Benefit from valuable impulses from science for your practice!

SIBE offers institutions and organizations from business, politics and society the opportunity to research problems and central challenges in practice. The transfer-oriented execution of the research projects guarantees scientific and direct entrepreneurial as well as social benefits at the same time. The partners benefit in particular from SIBE’s research focus in the fields of leadership, personality and innovation, which are closely interwoven. In the area of leadership, the focus is on projects that support decision-makers in deriving goals and strategies for the future-oriented and sustainable development of companies and organizations. Clients particularly appreciate SIBE’s mostly interdisciplinary approach. This approach, as well as the integration of different stakeholders, makes it possible to illuminate overall contexts and to derive valuable impulses and, if necessary, disruptive developments. Projects are regularly enriched by SIBE’s large national and international research and practice network.


Your added values at a glance

  • Research projects with concrete benefits
  • Access to national and international experts from science and practice
  • Interdisciplinary and participative research designs for big picture, impulses and identification of possible disruptive developments

Successfully realized research projects

Accelerate out of the curve…

               … take off with new ideas

                              … and with our experts at your side!



Prof. Dr. habil. Heiko von der Gracht

Professorship for Futurology, Steinbeis University


Prof. Dr. Dirk Engelhardt

Professor of Logistics Management, Steinbeis University / Managing Director, Federal Association of Road Haulage, Logistics and Disposal



Prof. Dr. Heiner Lasi

Professorship for Industrial Intelligence / Head of Ferdinand Steinbeis Institute



Prof. Dr. Kurt Deketelaere

Professor of Law, Institute for Environmental and Energy Law, KU Leuven