2. Oktober 2019
SIBE-student Anuwat Mekhin talks about his experience during the studies at SIBE - affiliated company: Ensinger GmbH – Study Program: M.A./MBA (USA)

After studying Petrochemicals & Polymeric Materials Engineering Anuwat Mekhin decided to begin the M.A./MBA (USA)- program at SIBE in 2018. His affiliated company over the course of the studies is Ensinger GmbH, which he works for in Thailand.

First Degree: Petrochemicals & Polymeric Materials Engineering
Course name: MAMBA06a
Year of graduation: 2020

Can you briefly start by telling in which company you currently work? When did you start there and what are your tasks?

I am currently working at Ensinger GmbH, a German family-owned company. I joined Ensinger in April 2018 and my task here is to develop Ensingers business in Thailand. My focus here especially is on semi-finished plastic products. For this specific market, I conduct the market research to obtain a well understanding about market size, key players and customer preferences. Furthermore, I deduced and implemented a development strategy from the analysis’ results.


What makes it exciting for you to work for Ensinger?

Most exciting for me is, that I work alone to expand Ensingers business for the whole country “Thailand”, which is a highly relevant project. Additionally, Ensinger is an international organization with a strong network all around the world. This network offers me opportunities for training and professional development. The organization frequently provides opportunities for me to meet with colleagues and industry influencers.


Why did you decide to combine full-time work abroad with work-integrated studies?

The company offered this combination of full-time work and study during my interview. It was really interesting for me, because it is unusual for employers in Thailand. The combination of work and studies is a great opportunity for me to work with a good company and study at a foreign university. For those reasons I did not hesitate to accept Ensingers offer.


How important is the formation of a professional international network during your studies? How do you benefit from the M.A./MBA (USA)- program in terms of building your network?

I got to know many new classmates, from all around the world both, at SIBE and at Post University. Because of this I was confronted with different opinions and views. Thus, the M.A./MBA (USA)- program so far was a great opportunity for me to expand my network beyond the borders of my daily business and the industry I work in.


You´re near the end of the program now, how do you manage to organize yourself and combine your work with your study program?

Over the course of the program, I always tried to align my work schedule and my study schedule. This was possible, because the study schedule was fixed in advance. Furthermore, I always tried to not request a change of deadline for all my assignments, so that I was never at risk of possibly overloading my week.


In which ways would you say your studies at SIBE benefit you the most? To whom would you recommend this program?

The studies encourage me to learn how to plan a future business by using scientific theory and professional tools. Applying the theory to the real work is extremely valuable.

I would recommend the program to anyone who has a role in business development. It will definitely enhance your skills to expand your business.


In your opinion; What should modern managers take out of the program to be best prepared for their tasks?

As the business world moves very fast the modern manager has to be flexible and open for change. They have to focus on both, internal and external factors that can influence their business. Modern managers who know, how to analyze an organization’s environment and how to communicate successfully within it, will be successful as a person and will lead their organization into a successful future. Both factors, environmental analysis and communication are taught in the M.A./MBA ( USA)- program. So I think, this is, what modern managers should take out of the program.


Do you have tips for people who are considering applying for the M.A./MBA(USA)- program?

I think, the most important aspect for a successful completion of the M.A./MBA (USA)- program is time management. As you work full-time, while studying two online programs on different platforms good organization is crucial.