„Added value that benefits me as a career starter!“

17. Januar 2018
SIBE-student Jan Alexander Linxweiler talks about his experience during the studies at SIBE, Program: M.A./MBA (USA)

Jan Alexander Linxweiler has been studying the M.A./MBA online at SIBE since October of 2015, as well as at Post University (USA). He talks about the beginning of his studies and the experiences he has made after studying for 6 months.

First Degree: Political Sciences
Course: MAMBA01
Graduation year: approx. 2018

At the beginning of the study

The structure of my studies at SIBE is commendable.

Studying at SIBE manages to utilize modern communication technology and very personal support throughout the program. This modern approach to learning is not only a benefit, it also improved the learning experience. The exchange with fellow students and lecturers – in a student-teacher-ratio other universities can only be dream of – is surprisingly close and engaging. Both faculty and academic success counselors make the online learning a welcoming and engaging experience.

After 6 months studying

To be frank, studying at SIBE takes me further than I ever thought. The combination of scientific approach and practical relevance was a decisive factor for me. The coursework and lectures have reflected this immediately. The course content as well as the exchange with lecturers and fellow students made it a profoundly positive learning experience. The added value: the program benefits me as a career starter. I can draw ideas and conclusions for current projects at work directly from the courses or even try out approaches on an anonymized basis in the course itself. This leads to fantastic synergies, which inspire me to success both professionally and academically.