“My competency development will prove itself invaluable as the years go on.”

“My competency development will prove itself invaluable as the years go on.”
21. August 2018
Conversation with SIBE-student Rabaa Maatoug – affiliated company: SIBE GmbH – Study progamme: M.A./MBA (USA)

First degree: English Literature and Linguistics
Course name: MAMCO02
Year of graduation: 2019

What was your first reaction when you were faced with the concept of Competency Development during your studies?

Competency Development was a totally new concept for me. I was wondering what the KODE profile and what the benefit of having it is?
I have never thought about the importance of developing my own competencies. I thought that I know myself, but then I have tried new things and realized I have unique likes and dislikes that were previously unknown. As I have tried new things, I have naturally recognized who I am and who I want to become. This will prove invaluable as the years go on.

How do you feel about Competency Development now?

After finishing the second part of my Competency Development I find myself more interested in learning new things and expanding my skill sets and to increase my value to the company. Using my KODE profile and the SCA 16 competencies will serve as a guide to know the level I have achieved. It is a very useful tool for my Competency Development.

Which competencies did you strive to improve and why?

My role as a project assistant has its own set of competencies needed to perform my job effectively. Teamwork, Teambuilding, Leadership skills, Organizational skills, Decision Making, Project Management Knowledge, Technical Skills, and the Ability to understand others, are all needed to develop myself and get a step forward in my future career.

Which measures did you take to improve these competencies?

1. Improve my German Language skills in order to develop my ability to solve problems, since most of the problems I have at work needs a high language skill level as well as my Leadership skills and to widen my project management knowledge.
2. Train myself to be able to withstand stress as it affects my level of concentration and thus reduces my productivity at work.

Were these measures successful? Were you able to improve your chosen competencies?

From now and until the end of my studies I will definitely maintain the level of improvement and I will try my best to achieve my objectives. So until my third competency process of development I will continue assessing myself progressively and work on improving my weak competency with challenging myself to be at the top.