“The course is very practical and fits into real projects!”

“The course is very practical and fits into real projects!”
21. August 2018
Conversation with SIBE-alumnus Shuhao Tang – affiliated company: Kern-Liebers Group – Study progamme: International Program M.E./MBA

After his first degree in Automatic Control & System Engineering Shuhao Tang decided to participate in SIBE´s International Program. He earned his Master of Business Administration degree from SIBE in cooperation with a Master of Engineering degree from Tongji University in China.

First Degree: Automatic Control & System Engineering
Course name: MEMBA01
Year of graduation: 2017

The project

During my studies at SIBE I was working on a transfer project and we intended to localize one spring product from Germany to China. The project started in 2014, almost the same time as the course at SIBE started, and by the time of Mar 2018, we had around 5 million RMB sale per month on this product with well-established supply chain and customers. As a project manager, my responsibility was to coordinate different functions to deliver a successful project, in terms of time, quality, cost and financial result.


The studies

The course is very practical and fits into real projects. Contents like strategy management, marketing, finance & personal development etc. really apply to the physical world when you are managing a project. It was a wonderful experience to participate in this study at SIBE.