Would you like to actively shape digitalization projects for companies and organizations?

Are you interested in the opportunities and challenges of digitalization?

Do you want to qualify yourself for future requirements of the economy in the best possible way?

If so, the M.Sc. in Digital Leadership at SIBE is exactly the right thing for you!

Within the framework of the program, you will realize challenging real-life digitalization projects in a company and receive the necessary impulses for this in study courses. No matter which position you take over in the future, your achievement within the program and in your company is the best calling card for any demanding tasks to come. At SIBE, you are going to receive all of the relevant tools to be prepared for the digital future!

  • Duration of studies: 24 months
  • Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.), 120 Credit points according to ECTS, degree entitles to a doctorate
  • Seminar language: English
  • Start dates: several times a year. Application possible at any time.
  • Our partners: Steinbeis Technology Group (STG), Ferdinand-Steinbeis-Institute (FSTI) and German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence

  • SIBE is system accredited by FIBAA in accordance with the requirements of the German Accreditation Council.

Content & format

The program focuses on combining the topics of digitalization and leadership. The fact that you work on real digitalization projects in a self-organized way in your partner company is going to increase your personal development. Throughout the curriculum you receive important impulses for your own development.

The focus of your studies is the actual project within your partner company, which you are responsible for. You are accompanied by a variety of discussion partners who exchange information with you on a regular basis, for example in weekly discussion groups. To ensure that your studies are as varied as possible, the online campus is enriched by a variety of media. An interactive study is thus guaranteed:

Digitalization project

The program focuses on one or more real digitalization projects in a company that will become your calling card! The problem arises from the challenges of digitalization in your company. Thus, your place of study and work is mainly within the company.

With the realization of the projects, you make a valuable contribution to the success of the company.

Projects which were already successfully implemented with a SIBE degree in the field of digitalization include the following:

  • Identification and evaluation of superscalar data-centric business models in the context of digitalization and Industry 4.0 using the example of predictive maintenance in the automotive and manufacturing industry
  • Implementation of artificial intelligence within strategic corporate purchasing
  • Voice of the Consumer (VoC) – how artificial intelligence in user online monitoring can contribute to a 360° picture and promote innovation


… Digitalization projects are possible everywhere!


We are convinced that it is not only important to master things in theory, but also to experience and reflect in practice. Therefore, you will work on problems and tasks of your individual digitalization projects in the form of the following academic examinations, which can be written either in German or English:

  • 7 Transfer Papers
  • 6 Project Study Papers
  • Presentations
  • Master‘s Thesis
Admission & Application


  • Completed first degree at a German or foreign institution of higher education with at least 180 credit points according to ECTS or an equivalent
  • Knowledge of English at a level of at least B2 according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages
  • Broad wealth of experience gained through internships, international experience, voluntary work, work experience, etc.
  • Successfully completed multilevel selection process at SIBE
  • A partner company at your side to support your studies and provide you with a digitalization project. We will be pleased to help you look for a partner company.

Your Application Documents

  • Optional: Letter
  • Resume
  • Certificate of higher education entrance qualification (high-school diploma, technical higher education entrance certificate)
  • Certificate of study
  • Study record (or current overview of grades) and
  • Job and internship references

Summarize these in one PDF file and send it to bewerbung@steinbeis-sibe.de or via the provided link in the respective job advertisement. Please apply to us as early as possible.

The courses for the SIBE Master’s programs usually start every two months and are independent of the state´s winter and summer semesters.

Selection Process

For the M.Sc. in Digital Leadership a three-step selection process is carried out, consisting of formal examination of the application documents, the Online Assessment Center and the KODE®-Evaluation. After successful completion of the selection process, you will either start the program directly with your existing company partner or be included in our talent pool.

In the talent pool, you can search for a suitable project-giving company together with us. You can either identify a suitable partner for yourself or refer to our advertised vacancies. Your application documents can only be forwarded to cooperating partner companies after the coaching telephone call.

Costs & Financing

The company usually covers a large part of the program fees and also pays you a salary in the amount of the scholarship. The costs are generally broken down as follows (deviations are possible and should be discussed directly with the respective partner company)

Costs for you as participant:

  • Tuition fees of € 350/month [excluding VAT].

Costs for the company:

  • Costs for the Master’s program: € 1,160/month (plus statutory VAT)
  • Salary for the student: min. € 1,600* / month (gross) (Of which the student pays € 350 / month tuition fees [without VAT]) to the institution of higher education.)

* The above information is based on the assumption that a derogation in accordance with section 22 MiLoG is applicable in the case of internship contracts within the framework of a dual SIBE study program; however, this is subject to any divergent jurisdiction which may arise in the future. Insofar, SIBE GmbH assumes no liability.

Optionally, a study trip abroad can be booked in addition. Costs are to be borne separately. Individual arrangements regarding financing must be clarified with the company in each individual case.